18 November 2011

A Law about codependency?

The Law of Unity says “There is only one of us,” interconnected and interrelated at the deepest levels of the Universe. When we are disharmonious in thoughts, words, or deeds, we project this negativity out into the Universe and it decreases the overall vibrational rate.

Is this a law partially about codependency? “There is only one of us.” I can't make others be like me in the part that they feel like me, eat like me, or dress like me. We may share the same values and beliefs yet we are unique.

The uniqueness of ourselves is vital to the Universe. Our aura makes the Universe special... it is because of us that it does what it does. If we are able to dream wonderful thoughts... those thoughts radiate into the Universe and the positive vibrations of those dreams are shared by others.

Think about this law and how it works in 12 Step Fellowships. We are all unique... yet we share a common journey... a common goal.

Our part in that journey is what kind of harmony we are having with the Universe. When I feel good with my thoughts and my deeds, the Universe will sense that and those around me will be more at peace and serene.

When I wake up in the morning and it is raining... how do I react? Does it depress me because the sun is gone or do I feel the rain touching my skin... in a way having the Universe cleanse me? That one moment with which way my thoughts will go will affect me for the rest of the day. It will put me in harmony with the Universe or it will project negativity.

When I look at my life, I know it can be easy for me to find the negativity and in a way make it grow. All that does for me is make a Universe that I can find more wrong with then good.

With my Higher Power's help, I have the tools inside me... the logic in me... to make the only one of me a presence that lives in harmony with the Universe.

I can only view the Universe through my thoughts and my deeds. How others view it is entirely up to them. It is against the laws to try and change others when they do not want to be changed themselves and that is where I need to remember I am a codependent and as this law states there is only one of me... so why not send positive thoughts and live in harmony with the Universe?

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