17 October 2011

Refusal To Surrender

I found this as I was moving around some old files. I wrote it in 2005. This is what I wrote... "Don't know what this is about... just trying to clarify the confusion, in my own mind. Ending up, kind of being, a declaration of independence..."

Refusal To Surrender

I refuse to be labeled,
a beggar,
filled with worries.
Dreams trampled on,
by greed and uncaring hearts.

I refuse to be trapped,
in a corner,
with few hopes, fewer choices.
Told, it can't be done,
surrender, give up.

Survival, is the way of life,
stories, nightmares,
constantly replayed.
Pain, suffering, confusion,
compounded by years in a bottle.

Reality, needs to be accepted,
doesn't need to be enjoyed.
I refuse, to accept,
a reality of defeat.
Good news,
comes to those that wait.

Is the wait worth it?
Can peace and serenity,
be achieved in...
the battlefield of the mind?

At times, feelings of loneliness,
is a dream, that is missed.
When fears and doubts,
were mine alone.

Company of others,
changes thoughts,
brings uncertainties...
so easy, to lose oneself.
A soul fighting to stay joined,
yet... independent.

I refuse to be swallowed,
in the mish-mash confusion,
of misunderstood words,
and games, I refuse to play.

Still praying...
Still searching...
for a Oneness...
an understanding... of peace...
someday... it will be found...
just praying... I'm not alone...


  1. Some thoughts from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Mitzi Jackson 3/8/2005
    Wonderful and Yes inspirational!!!
    no you will not be alone:) plenty here ready and willing (pure/true) to stand at your side enjoyed beautiful pic as well

    Reviewed by Zenith Elliott 3/8/2005
    This is an inspirational write at it's best! Best wishes my friend!

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 3/8/2005
    Thanks for this very inspiring write Dave..you are an inspiration to me!!

    Reviewed by Andy Turner (Reader) 3/7/2005
    Can I relate to this. So excellently expressed. Nordette is right..

    Reviewed by Nordette Adams 3/7/2005
    "Still praying" You've won, Dave. You've won! :-) Life without struggle is a flat line. Flat line=death. No death for you now. Life, growth, freedom, joy! I know it's hard to accept, this happiness thing, but I bequeath it to you. ;-) Enjoyed the write.

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 3/7/2005
    You are not alone! There are more of us then you think and we will fight the good fight or die trying. Good write and expression of your opinion.

    Reviewed by jude forese 3/7/2005
    i totally agree with your verve and determination to transcend the realm of confusion and games ... in that sense, we do not lose ourselves in order to retain our independent thought but rather secure our independence by finding ourselves in the scheme of things ... keeping focused and unifying our energy will permit man to survive the battlefield of the mind and find peace within ourselves and within the world ... you are not alone ... very insghtful and well written poem ...

    Reviewed by Tracey L. O' Very (Reader) 3/7/2005
    Perfectly written! I really understand that struggle within.
    Patrick McCormick recently told me, think of it as a rubberband.,(it's on my thing I wrote "The Death Within") He lets us journey on our own then yanks that rubberband and brings us close again.

    Reviewed by L. Figgins 3/7/2005
    One of your best! A caring person can easily drown in the pool of pain around him, especially when it brings back painful memories of his own. But you show strength here, Dave. You remind yourself who you are, where you've been, and where you won't be going again. You see the light ahead, even its at the end of a long tunnel. You'll be fighting more battles along the road. No free ride, but you have the will to complete the journey, and a true friend to help you along the way...

    Reviewed by Jerry Bolton (Reader) 3/7/2005
    You do free-style well. This piece of prose gets to the nitty-gritty of a tortured mind. It is these kind of statements . . . Qustions . . . That give us clarity. Alone? I hardly think so. You have yourself, and you are many people. Plus, there is a God. Plus there is family. Friends. Alone? I hardly think so.

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 3/7/2005
    Dave this is an awesome poem that should help many. We are all going in the same direction. We may take different roads, but we all hope to wind up in that better place. In the meantime we should stay focused on the fact that who or what we are does not matter to the person in the place we are heading for. All that matters is how much we care about Him,and how kind we are to those we meet along the way.

    Reviewed by Judy Lloyd (Reader) 3/7/2005
    Beautiful and I love the image of the bird soaring as I picture my cousin doing that.

  2. More thoughts from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 3/19/2005
    you are one of my inspirations, dave; beautiful write! well done!

    Reviewed by Kate Clifford 3/17/2005
    Your not alone. Love this write and how you dive deeply within yourself while doing it. It takes a lot of courage to face reality but it is well worth it. Great write.

    Reviewed by M. B. 3/16/2005
    Dave, you are not alone. Not by a long shot. And from reading the below reviews I see others agree.
    This was such a well penned, heart felt tribute to inner strength and being one's own (wo)man. Beautifully wrought.

    Reviewed by Ronald Hull 3/13/2005
    You are not alone. The world is full of fighters who refuse to surrender. Some make it through and some do not.

    Reviewed by Kathleen Herrick 3/12/2005
    You are most definately not alone, we're all in this human boat. Refreshing insight. Good write.

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 3/11/2005
    There is much hope and determination expressed through your verses, Dave. I like that very much. Thank you. Love and peace to you. Regis

    Reviewed by John Mayer 3/9/2005
    Introspective and honest. You are definitetly not alone. So many of the writers in this den share the same doubts, confusion and strong willed determination to accept nothing less than victory.

    Reviewed by D May (Reader) 3/8/2005
    Exceptional write Dave. I like the message here.

    Reviewed by Linda Hill 3/8/2005
    Awesome Dave! Your talent amazes me!

    Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 3/8/2005
    Wonderfully inspirational and beautifully penned; well done, sir!
    Keep praying, keep writing--don't surrender!

    Reviewed by A Serviceable Villain 3/8/2005
    I agree, we should all refuse to be labeled ... exemplary write!!