20 October 2011

Dreaming of the Light

looking for peace
looking for a new chance
in a garage… a motor running
sleep comes fast
a journey started with a dream
a dream filled with hope and desire
a desire for acceptance…
for comfort… family and love
covered in warmth
that was the dream I wanted to dream

to leave this world
and all its pain
to start again…
but my dream never happened
my dream was a nightmare
there was no light… no warmth
a numb foggy void
a place with no time
fighting still existed
anger… rage… remorse

suicide failed… thoughts…
of an after life… brought new fears
this eternity I didn’t dream
and I realized… for now…
this hell… needs to be my heaven
for a chance to spend eternity
in the light

there needs to be more
then that foggy void
and I will find it
not in my time
but His…

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