02 October 2011

Beautiful Thoughts

The Law of Energy says that energy constantly changes, no adverse consequences are experienced unless one intervenes with its free movement.

What a law. Beautiful words and beautiful thoughts. Higher Power thoughts. Thoughts of dreams. “No adverse consequences are experienced unless one intervenes with its free movement.” This is what I have been talking about for a long time.

Jesse Jackson in a speech at the 1992 Democratic Presidential Convention said to never forget your dreams, we must live in reality, but never forget your dreams. The hard part with dreams is when reality is a nightmare.

Dreams are our hopes and in a way our desires. Within a month, I will be celebrating my 17th year of sobriety and at times I lived with many nightmares. But even during those dark times, my dreams were still there. Dreams that I knew about and hoped for and dreams I have never dreamt.

What I have learned is that all our dreams can become reality if we stay out of their way. Just dream the dream. Just let the dream create its own energy. The problem comes about when we makes plans for our dreams to become a reality. By doing that, we interfere with the Law of Energy.

Free movement will take care of our dreams. Our Higher Power knows our dreams and knows when to make them a reality.

As I am writing this, I sit and think of all the dreams I had early in my sobriety. I had no idea how they would become reality but they were still my dreams. Those dreams, at times, kept me sober when reality wouldn't have blamed me for getting drunk. But those dreams gave me hope.

So what were some of those dreams? First was a dream I had even when I was drunk and that was to write a book. But where would I start and what would it be about? The first written prose I ever wrote that was published was a poem. When this dream was born, poetry was no where in it. But it was poetry that got my creative juices flowing and I saw that I could write about what I knew best – myself.

The book was written and published... then a second and finally a third... and the dream grew. Speaking at events... reading poems to hundreds of people at Relay For Life Events. Again, not the original thought for this dream but it was reality. The way this dream was envisioned was sharing my experience, strength, and hope to people who would know what I was talking about. And guess what? This dream will become a reality this September in Hot Springs, Arkansas. More about this dream will be shared next month... but another dream is coming to life. It is similar to writing a book, it was a dream that I didn't make any plans for – they just came to be.

With these dreams becoming reality, I have also learned that they become real not only with my Higher Power, but also through others my Higher Power puts in my life. I have had the privilege to chat with many folks through seven years on the internet and seventeen years in the rooms and by their words and their actions... their energy... they have helped make my dreams come true.

And now the dream of the dreams has become reality. Yes, The Law of Energy works wonderful miracles if we just let it move freely.

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