06 August 2011

The Vision

The sun, moon, and stars,
Were all aligned.
It was a magicial, mystical,
Space in time.
The planets joined in,
With a slow spin.
People on earth knew,
Something happened.
Old loves rekindled.
New loves found.
Birds chirped in,
With a trumpetting sound!

Fences mended...
Old grudges ended.
Undid to others,
What was undone to me.
Everyone living,
In peaceful harmony.
One church, one school,
Everyone living,
By the golden rule.
One leader, one nation,
Everyone joined...
In the celebration!

No anger, no hate,
No need to deliberate.
No reason for war,
Guns would be no more.
No al-Qaida, Towers still stand.
Just the brotherhood,
Sisterhood of man!
Everyone living in peace,
Enjoying God's great land.
Is this the vision,
He wants us to see?
Living together, as one,
Tranquil, happy, and free.

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