22 August 2011


The picture to the right was taken at The University of Iowa Medical Center. It was taken on the ground floor and went up six floors. The whole area is triangular with one wall being nothing but mirrors and mirrors on the ceiling. The other two sides of the triangle were hallways that lead to different parts of the hospital. The picture was taken on the bottom floor looking straight up. Walking the hallways, was an experience in illusion and memory. You'd think you'd see a hallway, when actually, there was a wall. A person seemed to be walking towards you, when in reality they were walking away from you. You'd look in the mirrors at the levels below and see people walking down hallways that are walls on your floor. For the five days that my ex-wife was in the hospital I would walk on different levels and try to figure it out. By the end of our stay there, I realized the power of illusions...


Mirror, mirror on the wall
what is the story you tell
full of lies, distortions, half-truths
what's up is down
what's front is back
what's coming is going
what is seen, isn't quite so

there is no truth looking at you
we see what you want
laughing at our foolishness
we're never quite satisfied
with the end result
still, we can't turn away

"caution: objects appear
closer then they are"
just once, how about a little truth
tell us about the scared little boy
fearful to make a mistake

tell us about the husband
who struggles for strength
through depression and tired eyes
he looks at you
for some kind of answer

but yet, all you show
is what's up - is down
what's square - is oblong
what you show is never
what we get

yet like a runaway addiction
we keep coming back
to a mirror
full of illusions

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  1. Thoughts from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Flowing Brook 7/19/2006
    I truely enjoyed the read, the photo too. Thanks Dave.

    Reviewed by Janet Parker 11/30/2005
    Very good, insightful poem. I am afraid I would get really sick walking in that place. I can't even look at the new animation movies.

    Reviewed by Kate Clifford 11/27/2005
    Very insightful write. Would love to visit this hospital to walk its halls.

    Reviewed by Dan Rains 11/27/2005
    Excellent one. I like the way you've done this....the picture fits the poem exceptionally well.

    Reviewed by Chrissy McVay 11/27/2005
    I really, really liked this! Especially the way you link our human inability to turn away from 'a lie'. We keep returning to our own distorted, disillusioned mirrors...

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 11/27/2005
    The illusions of life are as mystifing at times as the illusion of mirrors and we all must look at them differently.

    Reviewed by Sandie Angel 11/27/2005
    All those mirrors are quite confusing. I wonder why they would build mirros on the walls and the ceiling in a medical center, where many of the patients are quite confusing already the way they are.

    You have describe the disadvantages of the mirrors so well. Enjoyed this!

    Reviewed by Mr. Ed 11/27/2005
    yet like a runaway addiction
    we keep coming back
    to a mirror
    full of illusions

    I think we probably do, but at least you found something very intriguing to do while in that hospital. And I hope your spouse is doing well, Dave.

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 11/27/2005
    Hahaha....this could drive you NUTZ MANNNN!! But must be fun for sure!! Well done my friend!! God bless.. keep the faith dear one!!!

    Reviewed by Andy Turner (Reader) 11/27/2005
    LOL. Made me think of the crazy mirrors. Imagine if we only believed such reflections..(hang on a mo' I do)

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 11/26/2005
    Dave this is a fantaastic poem! You really give reader a good grasp of what the experience was like for you. Hope your wife is well. YOu two have been through much, will keep you in prayer...