19 June 2011


Giving thanks for being raised in a dysfunctional home


Tonight... on my knees
I want to give you thanks
No rewards... no bargains...
no deals... just thanks

Thank You for my mom and dad
they were your children
children that You placed in charge of me
and thanks for the lessons learned

I give You thanks
for the food they gave me
and clothes I wore
and the home we shared

I wanted more...
but you filled my needs
thanks for keeping me human
I know... it's because of mom and dad

my mom and dad
your daughter and son
thank you for giving them to me
because of them
I am... who I am

I learned right from wrong
from my mom and dad
I realize now
that they were perfect for me

Thank You
it is through your wisdom
that today... finally
I understand...
thanks... mom and dad

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  1. Thoughts from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Karla Yazzolino 4/5/2011
    I enjoyed that!

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 2/20/2011
    Wonderful to be thankful to parents, friends and of course a higher power. well done.