27 June 2011

Seth brings a gift

A couple of years ago, my daughter took a creative writing class in high school. She didn't know what to write about, so I suggested the gods! She looked at me, like I lost it. So I wrote this story, as an example. It uses Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology.

On my wife's 41st birthday, the Egyptian god of chaos and adversity, Seth, gave her and all of us a most unusual gift. It started simple enough, with Betty getting a mammogram. She did this yearly, as a gift to her family. It was on this occasion that Seth, stepped in and decided that things were running to smoothly. He wanted to see if he could break up this happy family. His gift was life threatening! His gift would affect the whole family. His gift was breast cancer. The final confirmation came on the 29th day, of the 12th month, in the year of the gods, 1999. Seth couldn't conceive a notion of bliss and harmony in a blended family. He decided to test Dave and Betty and their children. On the 3rd day of a new year, Betty had her first major surgery. Seth teased them, into thinking that part of the breast could be saved. The surgeon, left the operating room, upon finding Dave, the bad news was confirmed. "Its worse then I thought." It was up to these two people to decide Betty's future. They made the choice to remove the whole breast, but the doctor changed his mind, and finished the surgery as originally planned. Seth had hoped, to create chaos, by breaking the drunk Dave. But he remained loyal, to his wife and his sobriety. But Seth could not admit defeat, so more cancer was found. Eight days after the first surgery, once again, Betty was under the knife. The whole breast was removed and fear consumed Dave.

The future became more foggy. Seth was nearing Dave's breaking point. But Betty had enough strength to save the both of them. She remained calm and in charge, helping Dave rebuild his confidence. Seth began getting frustrated, everything he tried wasn't working. The couple remained solid. His new idea, would be to create chaos through the children. One sons partner, was plucked from him before everyone's eyes. One child talked of suicide. But all this did was make this couple stronger. Now as Betty began to crack, Dave stepped up and found the strength for both of them. On the 7th day, of the 2nd month, in the year of the gods, 2000, Dave sat and endured a fourth surgery. Longer and more work then originally thought, it was Seth's best shot at creating chaos. Dave watched in shock as his wife, for a moment left this world. Now Seth had over stepped his bounds and angered the other gods. The healing light came swift and fast, straight through the hearts of man and beast, to keep Betty next to Dave. Venus, the goddess of love, had come to right the wrong, created by Seth. It was Venus who covered Betty, in a blanket of protection, as Seth attacked her lungs. Seth finally realized, that love could withstand adversity and chaos. So once again he went into hiding and worked on a new plan.

Chemotherapy was to start, now Seth thought he had them. Both Dave and Betty, were fearful of the unknown. Chemotherapy was the big unknown! But now Seth ran into the physical strength of Betty and the spiritual strength of Dave. Dave had an aura around him and Seth had no power to attack the Righteousness of good. Dave knew, in his heart, that the gods of love and peace would never do this to him or his partner. He knew somewhere in this hectic time, that evil was behind it all. Seth's mask was unveiled and he could no longer hide from Dave. Seth had to give up, he knew that Dave and Betty had taken this nightmare and truly made it a gift of love. A gift of support. Their future, still uncertain, but no matter what, these two will face it together. They will have their ups and downs, but they will be together. With Venus' support, Zeus, god of gods, has blessed them and showered them with all his power. He has ordered all gods and spirits, to join in their fight, to remain one.

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