04 May 2011

The List

Step Eight of CODA says, "Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all."

The List

there was pain with my list
so ashamed... pounded my fist
the lies I told
protecting the immortal soul
so perfect in my thoughts
to keep that image I fought

so much pain
I drove many insane
things never changed with the story
did everything to protect her glory
I knew it wouldn't happen again
eventually the fences we could mend

lost track of who was harmed
red flags began to sound alarms
a goddess to me
blind... I couldn't see
perfect... or so I thought
past history... I constantly fought

wouldn't listen to my heart
afraid... of a new start
this list... would take my pride
and I prayed He'd be by my side
please God... give me strength
and the willingness to go to any length

1 comment:

  1. Some good thoughts from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by John Domino 1/15/2009

    God answers prayer with knee power.

    Reviewed by Deistic Muses 8/9/2008
    Dave You Have Am Wonderfully Organized & Very Informative Site at Your Link-Thank You....
    Surrendering Is A Good Thing
    It Empowers Us In Many Ways To Become Whole
    A Very Well Expressed Poem
    Embraced ~ Embrassé

    Reviewed by Karen Palumbo 8/7/2008
    Wonderfully written with many truths intertwined from lessons learned. The attempt to make right all the wrongs takes great inner strength, but necessary to move forward....

    Be always safe,

    Reviewed by Paul D Berube 8/6/2008
    Well done Dave. I know from experience exactly where you're coming from with this write. A horrible way to live one's life indeed. But thanks to the grace of God, we get through it and are better for it in the long run. And the truth of the matter is, God forgives. Put in that perspective I ask; who are others NOT to forgive. Very well done my friend. God bless.

    Reviewed by Edwin Hurdle 8/6/2008
    I like reading this poem alot.Good work :-).take care


    Reviewed by Christine Alwin 8/6/2008
    wow, This is hearfelt, I just posted a poem Singing at Sea,, as I found out many lies someone told me,, and the pain was unbearable,,, but with God and forgiveness it became a learning process on both ends.... Great Poem.