08 April 2011

Self-Esteem Through Love

The Second Promise of Adult Children of Alcoholics Anonymous states, "Our self-esteem will increase as we give ourselves approval on a daily basis."

Self-Esteem Through Love

wish you weren’t born
messages… drilled into my mind
at such a young age

idiot… dumb… stupid
no longer were just words
but became… a person
a failure in his own eyes

so many years
believing those messages
living those words
couldn’t succeed… so why try

changes came…
when secrets were told
no longer did they have power
to control who I am

approval comes from within
the message received… is Love
the message given… is Love

with Love everything is possible
not only to Love others
but to Love myself
and be vulnerable enough to let you in

approval… acceptance
on my knees I give thanks
knowing I deserve this Love

self-esteem grew…
through my Higher Power
whom I chose to call… Love

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