16 April 2011

Living with regrets

The third promise of AA says, "will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it."

Living With Regrets

a promise I didn't understand
so many regrets... less then a man
could I really not regret the past
wouldn't happen overnight... clearly not fast

I stared in the mirror... day and night
constantly had an inner fight
didn't know right from wrong
I listened to the devils song

"I'm an alcoholic" are words I'd say
over time the regrets went away
I knew forgiveness would come
and peace came when amends were done

the past... is in the past
in its proper place at long last
the door is open for the Son to come in
and on my knees I accepted my sin

thankfully... I have found my place
and it is filled with His enduring grace
all because I trusted this Friend
today... we walk together again

1 comment:

  1. Thoughts from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Barbara Henry 4/21/2009
    Excellent poem Dave-
    This is very redemptive,and it can enable its readers to 'live without regret'.

    Reviewed by Edwin Hurdle 4/8/2009
    Great poem,I enjoy reading it,take care

    Reviewed by Linda Settles 3/5/2009
    Beautiful and inspirational. Life is so blessed when we walk by his side. Great work Dave.

    Reviewed by Karen Palumbo 3/4/2009
    How beautifully you expressed yourself and now in finding God stands on your side, stand on HIS side, Bravo and God bless....

    Reviewed by Carin' Spirit 3/3/2009
    Now for that list, that seems to go on and on and on, remember every nook and cranny. The promises do come true! Be Well Dave, Carin'

    Reviewed by Pamela garner 3/3/2009
    Inspirational and courageous. With the father all things are possible. a great work.

    Reviewed by Elizabeth Price 3/3/2009
    Awesome. Vulnerable and inspirational. Great going and great writing.