22 April 2011

I Realized

The 12th Promise of AA says, "We will suddenly realize that God will do for us what we could not do for ourselves."

I Realized

I realized I was smiling
I never smiled much before
I felt safe and a t peace
two words I never understood

I found it easier to be honest
instead of lying and manipulating
I no longer hid from the truth
and I knew I wasn't alone

I realized that God was doing it
things that I couldn't do alone
He was doing it
I was living life

He comforted me... gave me strength
it was only possible
because I had the faith
that things would be better
when I surrendered

Yes, I am an alcoholic
thank you God for guiding me

1 comment:

  1. Notes from Authors Den

    Reviewed by TONY NERONE 12/15/2009
    I can relate to your drinking. But when YOU want to stop you will.
    A very good writing.

    Tony Nerone

    Reviewed by Steve Chering 12/12/2009
    Dave. A thrill to read this. honest outright down to earth writing. Makes a real change from those who'd rather write to entertain!