19 April 2011

Finding A New Outlook

The 9th AA Promise say, "That our whole attitude and outlook on life will change."

Finding A New Outlook

believed that the world
was nothing more then a con
I get conned... then I con
nothing done... out of kindness
always an ulterior motive

that was life... my life
a life in paranoia... fear
anger and rage
every right... every wrong

a horrible way to live
hating the day
fighting the night
living to die
disgusted with everyone

now... life is magical
people... are loving
there's a different beauty
with each sunrise and sunset
waiting to be explored

my life... your life
we're connected
a community...
brothers and sisters
not by blood... but by choice

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  1. From Authors Den

    Reviewed by Barbara Henry 9/20/2009
    Great poem Dave,the attitude shift is wonderful and encouraging.
    Thanks/To your continued success