03 April 2011

The Drunk... Drunk... Went Away

Step Six of AA states, "Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character."

The Drunk... Drunk... Went Away

I’m a drunk who no longer drinks
a past with a personality
that was buried ages ago
but with an understanding
that the past can’t be forgotten

hurt to many along the way
asked for forgiveness
some came quite easily
while others…
wished only for my death

when the bottle was corked
the drunk… drunk… went away
changing beliefs… changing attitudes
would be a battle… for a drunk
to create a new journey

praying for help… to remove
to understand… my shortcomings
to recognize their power
over my life… as well…
as the lives of others

time to take action
time to move forward
on a wild ride
following His vision
on a journey never envisioned

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  1. Review from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Barbara Mercer 6/4/2007
    Potent writing on a difficult subject. Congratulations.