10 April 2011

Discovering Intimacy

The fourth promise of ACOA says, "Our ability to share intimacy will grow inside us."

Discovering Intimacy

I want to share love...
more then be in love
I want to be vulnerable enough
to trust you with my feelings

I want to feel secure enough
to know I won't be shamed
I want to face my fears and insecurities
knowing it is time to be intimate with you

I want to be one... but two as well
to be apart... yet together
to be whole... yet separate
it's not what I need... but it's what I want

I want to feel love
I want to feel your touch
knowing I am safe in your embrace
feeling comfort saying “I love you”

honesty gave me hope
vulnerability brought me trust
love brought respect
while intimacy delivered peace

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  1. From Authors Den...

    Reviewed by Christine Tsen 6/1/2010
    I really like the way this poem is mapped out. There is a peaceful sensation for the reader after reading this one.

    Reviewed by Poetess Of The Heart La Belle Rouge 4/12/2010 Wonderful sentiments and wise reflections.

    Reviewed by Karen Palumbo 4/11/2010
    Passionate and very endearing...

    Reviewed by Sandie Angel 4/11/2010
    A wonderful declaration of love! I enjoyed this.