16 April 2011

Can It Be Obtained?

The fourth promise of AA is, "We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace."

Can It Be Obtained?

sick and tired... of being...
sick and tired
just... just wanted...
the pain to go away

so much hurt and destruction
but little by little
the wreckage was cleaned
and... and the Son shined

a frown and despair
turned into...
a smile and hope
and visions of what could be

the stories and the lies
were left behind
and a life of honesty
brought peace

showered with new thoughts
of love and dreams
an acceptance... that it was OK
just... just to be me

a goal... which seemed unattainable
was suddenly within reach
by listening and learning...
hoping and praying...
serenity found me

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  1. From Authors Den

    Reviewed by Poetess Of The Heart La Belle Rouge 4/13/2009
    Inspiring and beautifully penned.