08 April 2011

Accepting A New Way

The first promise of Adult Children of Alcoholics says, "We will discover our real identities by loving and accepting ourselves."

When I first showed this a few very judgmental people thought I was having an affair and they tried for a long time to prove it. If they read the promise they knew what I was talking about... my Higher Power, whom I chose to call "Love."

Accepting A New Way

year after year
living a life of fear
haunted by my past
yet... hoping it would last

being a victim was a life for me
poor poor Dave... I wanted the world to see
it was your fault... I turned out this way
ME - ME - ME... is all I'd ever say

I'm grateful that ME died
finally... I found some life inside
it happened when I let one person in
I learned being vulnerable wasn't a sin

a new journey has begun
and I look forward to the rising sun
my Higher Power helped me see
it was OK... to be open and free

drama... no longer has a home
and I know I'm not alone
thank you my best friend
my trust and love to you I send

1 comment:

  1. Like I said, some folks judged this in a very non-recovery way... though the folks at "Authors Den" GOT IT.

    Reviewed by Vicky Anderson 1/28/2010 Dave, this is worded so powerfully. I am just beginning my journey, having come to my first meeting in ACA in Dec. 09. With the help and insight of yourself and others like you, I know I will be guided down life's path. Thank you so much for reaching out to so many people.

    Reviewed by Barbara Henry 1/23/2010
    Dave, This is a very insightful and persuasive poem which is also filled with hope and optimism.
    I enjoyed reading it.

    Reviewed by JASMIN HORST SEILER 1/22/2010 WE are loosing more victims this way, it's got to stop.
    Nicely worded and insightful.