22 March 2011

The Power of Prayer

I originally posted this on my website and I wanted to save it... sometimes what we pray for can be the most evil thing we can do... always remember to be careful what you pray for because it will come true...


Had a recent discussion about friends.  How many does a person have?  How close are they?  Myself, I have friends but I don’t have any close friends.  I don’t say that as a pity statement, but to have a real friend, is something like a marriage, a lot of commitment and a lot of time.  And frankly, at this time I don’t have the energy to do that.  It would be wrong for me and wrong for the friend as well.
The discussion though wasn’t about face to face friends, but cyber friends.  Can a person have a true friend that they have never met?  I say yes and I say so because I have experienced it.  It hasn’t happened to me once, but over a dozen times.  And what is even more spectacular is that these dozen people are also friends with each other.  We are kind of a family.  I can share something about each one and they can about me as well.
I mention this not because of this family but about the people who tried to join us, but they couldn’t be honest and trustworthy enough to join us.  They have tried to form wedges in the friendships and fracture them.
But these folks saw through all of that and wouldn’t be sucked into a game of lies and deceit.  I have never felt more welcomed by people in my life when they stayed by my side.  I left a message board because of a person and these dozen people left with me.
It wasn’t necessarily that these people totally believed me… but this perpetrator violated every moral and ethical code of being on a message board.
What is really sad is that when I first joined that message board that person and I got along really well.  We went beyond the message board and exchanged e-mails.  I helped them with their own personal blog and gave her some advice on how to get more traffic to it.
But that friendship turned sour because I began making more friends.  It was almost like they wanted total control on what I did on that board.  And when I grew on the board and made more friends… their vindictive mind made plans for my demise.
It got to the point that they were banned from the board, yet they kept churning a web of deceit and lies.  Eventually one morning I noticed they were back on the site, with no apologies, in fact, they were back with the blessings of the owner of the board.  That day, I quit the board, and found a new home.
That same day they came out of hiding taking back the board… starting all sorts of threads and getting no responses.  It was really sad.  The whole plan was getting rid of me and it worked, but they never gave any thought to what would the aftermath be like.
This person became a pariah on a message board that they fought so hard to get back on.  Members left in droves… and the sad part is they still don’t get it.  I am blamed for everyone leaving… yet they still haven’t looked in the mirror at their own actions.
I really pity this person.  What they dreamed of became their nightmare.  I learned something very early on in my sobriety and that was the power of prayer.  My therapist told me to pray a lot and to pray often and to watch the miracles grow.
She also added a word of caution to that though.  She would point her finger at me and say, be careful what you pray for because it will happen.
The power of prayer can’t be denied.  It can be our best friend or our worst enemy… the choice is ours.  What will you pray for today?

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