29 March 2011

I need a God

Step Two of AA says, "Came to believe that a Power greater then ourselves could restore us to sanity."

I Need A God

I need a Higher Power?
I admitted to defeat
why do I need a God?
I’m defeated, but…
do I have to give up control?

I know some of the things
I’ve done… are quite insane
but I can handle it… can’t I…
without a Higher Power?
I need a God?

I’m sure this program works
I’ve seen to many lost souls
return to a healthy lifestyle
and all they say is…
find a Higher Power…
of your understanding

But that I don’t understand
spiritually… I’ve been alone so long
I’m not sure what to do
or exactly… how to find God
yeah, maybe I need a God

I know my life was insane
and though I no longer drink
I’m not quite sure…
how to restore sanity
please God… help me

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