31 March 2011

Forgive Thine Self

Step Four of AA - "Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves."

Forgive Thine Self

conniving, manipulating, deceiving
playing games to stay ahead
to keep a secret buried
which was already known

as things begin to change
wonder… can forgiveness be achieved
not from others… but from one self
more then a dream… it’s a destiny

no way around it
be kind… forgive yourself
or life… forever…
will be showered with guilt

it’s a simple choice…
yet so difficult to achieve
we can forgive others
others can forgive us

so why must the battle go on
it’s a war that must be won
as a child of God… love yourself
it’s OK… to forgive… yourself

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  1. Comments from Authors Den

    Stephanie Horton 2/10/2008
    Awesome! Great outlook even better insight on one self, being your greatest enemy is half of the battle, forgetting is winning the war.

    Chrissy McVay 3/31/2007
    A very important write.

    Regis Auffray 3/31/2007
    Powerful counsel, Dave; you are right, guilt is pointless. Ask forgiveness of others you have harmed, forgive yourself, and move on. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you,