02 January 2011

*mutter mutter groan*

That is a saying Karen taught me quite awhile back. Kind of like I'm walking slump shouldered, hands in pockets, and looking down at the ground and kicking the occassional rock on my journey. Why "mutter, mutter, groan?" Because my journey is nearing an end.

Started packing today, getting prepared for Tuesday's departure. Doing it a couple of days in advance so tomorrow we can just relax and make our last day together fun and hopefully spiritual. And we'll also be visiting some folks I met since I have been here and say one more good-bye.

It really has been a wonderful vacation. We went today to a town called Marple Bridge... another small village with numerous small stores. Some of theses stores are even smaller then the typical American bathroom but they are all doing very well.

As we explored today, I watched a man, in a tee shirt cleaning his yard. Pansies already are up and blooming... other little plants popping through the ground... and it is only the second day in January.

I really had no idea of what to expect on this vacation but I have loved it all. Seeing so much rock used where America would be using concrete just keeps things the way their ancestors would have wanted it, without that Walmart type world all around us.

Except for one person, I can't say I wouldn't mind seeing all these folks again. They are just simple people, with simple goals and simple dreams. No pretense of being better then me or condeming me for who I am or what I believe. The people I have met in England are probably the most accepting people on a whole that I have ever met.

And it is because of that acceptance that England truly does feel like a home. I do know if anyone ever wonders where to take a vacation I will strongly suggest England. It needs to be seen to be appreciated...

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