17 December 2010

What I have learned (so far)

The British people really thought and designed their caves with much detail. I went to the air raid shelter museum today and was totally impressed. I was just expecting simple caves that people hid out in until the bombing stopped.

But these were cities in themselves. They had kitchens for people to eat or make their coffee, or should say make their tea! They had a maternity area for the pregant and the newborn... they had a surgical area, with nurses and doctors... places to sleep and even a jail for thopse that couldn't follow the rules. It was very well thought out. In this part of the country there were five such tunnels... three of them disappeared with the building of new roads and homes. A fourth one is unsafe. This one is the only one safe for folks to walk through. In its prime... over 4,000 people called it "home" during the blitz.

OK..... I mentioned yesterday that I was up for 25 hours before sleeping. I had a three hour snooze from 1 to 4 PM. I got up had a bite to eat and was back in bed by 8 PM and slept through to 9 AM this morning. I feel really good. I do feel better, but it is still strange with the time difference. It is almost midnight... which is 6 PM in Nebraska and while I am tired I still don't feel quite ready for bed.

But I will be heading there shortly. My host and myself are getting along fantasically and so far it has been a wonderful journey and vacation.

Today, we did some exploring in the Manchester town marketplace... and well it is just like I saw in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. But this wasn't a recreation, this was the real thing... simply beautiful.

And tonight went for a long walk in a snowstorm. It is so different here. When it snows, it is cool but not cold and there isn't any wind... so it is just beautiful stroll.

I am still a danger to myself crossing streets... the darn traffic is backwards. LOL. I mean, I'm use to walking halfway across a street and waiting for the car to pass. Well if I do that here, the car won't pass, because it isn't on the other side of the road - its on mine...

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