20 December 2010

A lazy day...

After running around for the last few days... we had a very lazy day. And I was ready for it. I slept in... er... till 10:15 AM and have been lazy ever since.

We did go and get some groceries and got a strange look when I asked if she wanted me to grab a cart. You know... er... a grocery cart? More confused looks... I pointed to one and was told that is a trolley. OK, what was new on the menu? Some French Patte - which had duck livers in it and some "Rogan Josh," which is a lamb Indian meal and very good.

So this little word play had me wondering about one of America's biggest play on words - we park in the drive on the parkway and park on the driveway. So what is a driveway? A carpark. Now that makes sense.

Watching the news tonight and saw the results of some soccer games... that's right soccer here... I should say football here is year round. Strange watching soccer with snow on the ground.

I still can't believe it that 4" of snow can shut down London and its airports. Wild. England isn't use to winters like this and really does't have the equipment to make it work. It is just wild to see how anxious they get over something that I consider a little inconvient...

Tomorrow off to Liverpool...

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