28 December 2010

Cool air... damp days... and...

I got a good cold. Last night was a major struggle. Couldn't breathe so I didn't sleep the best. If there was a silver lining to it... it was that Karen got a cold too... so neither of us was to energetic for today.

Basically, a very lazy day. Those that know me know I love my pizza. Had my first English pizza tonight... with goat's cheese. And that was fantastic... a very good pizza.

Like I said, we didn't do much so just a few other words in my new vocabulary. A fortnight is a term used to define time... to Americans it is two weeks.

This one to me though I just really love and I love when a English person says it. If we used the word FIGHT and find the rhyme we say VIGHT-a-min or vitamin. Now an English person would use the ryhme of FIT to say VIT-a-min.

I met some folks from Ireland today and we started chatting about my time here and what I thought. I made mention that some folk speak so fast and with their accents I have a hard time following along... and I was reminded that they didn't have the accents... just me. Oh, how true.

It is still kind of fun though walking anyway... people are in that city living hurry up attitude... and I've got that laid back Midwestern stroll... it just drives Karen nuts. *smiling*

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