25 December 2010

Christmas Eve...

The weather has been quite cold here. And I'm not sounding tough... it is just a simple fact that cold here is cool to me. And I think the major difference with the weather is the wind. It is cold tonight but there isn't any wind... so I think it is a beautiful night.

Karen and I went to a Christmas Eve service about a mile from her house and we walked it all. The cold air made our faces red but it wasn't unbearable, the sky was clear and we could see the stars plain as day and the chimney's of houses pumping out the smoke of the heat from within.

And we walked along just chatting and enjoying ourselves. The service we went to was rather small but it was very friendly and welcoming.

I got a couple of texts today from the States... wishing me a Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday and both were very surprising... I'll just leave it at that. Very much an unexpected gift.

OK? What else? I can't hold it in any longer. I thought I loved everythibng about England... that is until tonight. As Gomer Pyle would say, "Shame, shame, shame." Not once on our walk... but twice... we saw laying on the sidewalk an uneaten pizza. Not a slice or two... but whole pizzas. Now if you know me... well then you know of my love for pizzas. And to see them on the side of the road... oh what a waste. There is no such thing as a bad pizza! And to just pitch them on the sidewalk like that? Oh so not right.

To everyone who has visited Naked Daze this past year, I wish you a Very Merry Christmas.

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