23 December 2010

All this exploring...

has really wore me out. My legs feel like rubber... but we keep bouncing around and enjoying each others company. It was a week ago today that I arrived here... it just doesn't seem that long.

We went today and got our goodies to make our Christmas dinner. A little bit American and a little bit English. It should be a wonderful meal. The town was crazy with last minute shoppers.

I told Karen the one thing I wanted to make that she has never had was candied yams. We looked through the store and I mentioned that I needed a can of yams or sweet potatoes... she looked at me like I was high.

She took me to the canned veggie row and I was amazed how little they have for canned veggies. Don't get me wrong... they have veggies... probably more then I see in America but they are all fresh... not canned... not frozen. Some of it is that way... but not like we do.

So anyway I went down the fresh row of produce and found the last three fresh sweet potatoes. Really good sized. Now I will make them fresh instead of canned. The store was just a mad house... people everywhere getting their groceries for their dinners. As I was standing there, just looking at the wide variety of potatoes, I was rammed by a shopping cart on my right hip and ankle.

I turned to see a little old lady. And I do mean little and I do mean old pushing her shopping cart... I looked at her and she gave me a look of death. LOL. She just had this look like, Make my day.

And for that moment I truly believe that little old lady would have walked all over me, so I just backed up a couple of feet and let this lady through. I then thought, I better get out of this road of traffic... and moved to the end holding my hand basket with fresh veggies waiting for Karen's return.

I watched as people whizzing in and out of the aisles like it was a Grand Prix race. Finally another lady came around the corner and saw me standing there and said that I should make myself useful and at least direct traffic.

Yup... fun and adventures in an English grocery store.

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