09 May 2010

I was told...

On May 1st, I went to a meeting and the daily reflection was used for the topic and from it came... I must walk in darkness to find light and walk into fear to find peace .

I sat there in amazement at the strong feeling of a God in the room... a very spiritual meeting. A meeting in which I came home and put my thoughts on paper and then created this video from the poem.

What made it go down a very special place in that meeting was a share by a guy who has been waiting, for over a year, for the hammer to fall in the court room. He had his fifth driving while intoxicated last year.

Everyone knew that day was coming. He went to meetings to try and save his marriage... but it was obvious that at many meetings he was under the influence. But the last six or seven months he has taken it seriously and has been sober and growing in the program.

At this meeting he mentioned his final upcoming court appearance and that he no longer feared that day. He had accepted everything and had found peace with it. He wasn't looking forward to going to jail... but he could accept it because finally he had a Higher Power and had some “real” sobriety. And he kept rambling about how dark it was and he spoke about the last time he drove and crashed his wife's car.

But now, there is a ray of Light and his wife has stuck by his side. Like I said it was a very spiritual meeting. Later that week, he lost his license for 15 years but escaped a lot of jail time. He got a year in the county jail...

Now I hope he remembers everything he said that night.... because it truly was beautiful.

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