02 November 2009

Yes! Creating Dreams is close!

Just wanted to share some good news I got in my e-mail tonight. My third book, Creating Dreams, from the nightmares of hell is finally close to the finish line.

It took three years to write and will complete my trilogy. It deals with my childhood and the insanity I endured. And I had a heck of time with the publisher over it. First, it was copyright issues and some things that are revealed in it. It is quite a powerful and explosive book - if I do say so.

This is my final step of letting go of the secrets. I first sent the book to my publisher in December 2008 and now I finally have the press proofs. 217 pages, broken into two parts.

I am so grateful that my Higher Power has given me gifts that I can use - constructively. As an ACOA I was never good at seeing a project from start to finish. I usually would quit halfway through...

And this book... more then once I never thought would be finished.

My books to me are my children... I nourished them and fed them and watch them grow. So hopefully before the new year... I'll be welcoming home my newest child.


  1. Wow - that is really inspiring. Well done.

  2. Thanks for the post.
    Sounds like a great outlet to write like that.
    When you say it is 'explosive' do you mean within your family dynamic or larger?

  3. That's so cool, Dave! Congrats on your third book. I am off to Executive rehab.

  4. That sounds like the vip treatment to me!