25 October 2009

32 Years!

As some of you know I am a diehard Iowa State fan. Which at times can be quite hard. It's not always been pretty, in fact some years it's been brutal rooting for the Cyclones. But this year in football with a new head coach, the team is becoming respectable again.

They are becoming a team that you can't take for granted. No longer are they the Big 12's doormats. A lot of records have fallen this year. Week 1 ended a 10 game losing streak. Week 4 ended a 17 game road losing streak. Week 6 ended an 11 game losing streak in the Big 12. Then they followed that up with a road win in the Big 12 for the first time in 15 games at Nebraska. A place they hadn't won in since 1977 - 32 years! Go Clones!

Start watching them. They keep winning (5-3 right now) and Paul Rhoads should be coach of the year.

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