27 May 2009

Second Chances

When do we cut our loses, when other people are involved? An alcoholic struggles to obtain sobriety, maybe he stays dry for a month or two and than goes back to his drinking ways. He stays drunk for a couple of months or longer than tries sobriety once again. This vicious cycle continues for what seems like an eternity.

Sooner or later this person’s family gives up. The alcoholic’s word falls on death ears. Is he lying or just scared of what lies ahead being sober? I’m a firm believer in second chances. My life would be pretty lonely if friends and family didn’t give me a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance - but how many chances should we continue to believe we are entitled too?

A burglar spends two years in jail for his crimes, gets released, and within a year is back in prison. Does he deserve another chance? Yes, he does. But every time he gets released he once again gets in trouble and ends up back in jail.

Why is it that some people can only find comfort in their insanity? And as loved ones watch and continually get their hearts torn out, how many times does it take before we cut our ties and say no more?

The Bible says we should have the ability to forgive - forever. But we’re human beings. When we forgive, like it or not, we expect some changes. When those expectations aren’t met we become filled with resentments.

We owe it to ourselves to base our forgiveness on expectations. But we shouldn’t forgive blindly. When someone wants our forgiveness it gives us a power. Not a power to control or to become a god, but rather it gives us the power to protect ourselves.

Forgiveness will still come, but after the third or fourth chance, we know some basic rules need to be in place just to protect ourselves.

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  1. All drug addicts deserve second chances. I know it can be hard to forgive other people, but it begins with forgiving yourself.