23 May 2009

Pain in college

Two years ago on 9/5, a young lady from our community OD’d at Colorado State University. She OD’d on alcohol. Alcohol poisoning was the cause of death. Her blood alcohol level was over .40 - more then four times the legal amount. Her name was Sam Spady.

Her family started the Sam Spady Foundation to help educate students about drinking and its management. Yesterday, a second lady at the same University also OD’d from alcohol poisoning. Don’t get me wrong, when I was in college I binged drank often. There were times I slept for 48 hours straight.

I have nothing but respect for Sam Spady’s family. They are trying to prevent another child’s death and the pain left behind. Even now, I find it hard to write about. But I’m sure the Spady’s are also discouraged by the recent events at CSU. The fact is kids are to smart. Just because it happened to her, it won’t happen to me. I know better.

AA’s Big Book says that knowledge alone won’t keep you sober - and lets add to that - knowledge alone won’t keep you alive. If a student is underage the college shouldn’t protect them. Kick them out of school. Have student laws that the students start accepting more responsibility for each other. If a party happens at a Greek House, when minors are present, get rid of the house. No suspensions - just banned for life.

Until kids start feeling the full weight of their actions - no solutions will work. 21 is the legal age to drink alcohol - enforce it - before someone else dies.

This entry was originally posted on Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

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