25 May 2009

Living in an insecure world

As I grew both physically and spiritually I always find it amazing how people whom we, at times, admire are some of the most insecure people we’ll ever meet. Think about it for a minute. The boss who can do everything. Remembering many different tasks all at the same time, keeping everyone busy and most importantly getting the job done.

But at what cost? Are they able to delegate their authority or do they micro-manage every little thing that goes on? Yeah, the job gets done but that “boss” becomes physically drained. Why? Because of insecurity. Always worrying (or paranoid) about someone who may take their job.

Never feeling confident enough to say “I’m OK.” Insecure enough to brag about everything they do in one breath, but in the next one b-thching because no one helps them. Whose fault is that? If they were secure enough with their own abilities they would be teach someone how to follow (and someday lead) with them.

Its sad that we put people in positions of authority which requires another persons respect - when they themselves can’t respect the people they work with. Tonight, I’ll pray to my Higher Power that insecurity will not control my life. That its OK, for others to succeed and I can be glad for them, without being paranoid about ulterior motives. I’ll also say a pray for those insecure souls that someday they will find serenity and acceptance for who they are…

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