21 May 2009

Letters from Iraq, Part 4

This letter made it’s appearance on 3/10/2007

The part that is easy to take for granted is somehow forgetting that a soldier has a personal life. Yes, we know that some are married, while others have children. Some have children they have never seen. But they we ever wonder what communities they live in? Or what their neighbors are like? Will that “home” be the same when the soldier returns?

This from Ryan’s Godmother who lives in Dothan, Alabama near Fort Rucker. She is rather high up in the Presbyterian Church and is helping with disaster relief there.

Dear Ryan:
We are continuing our efforts in Enterprise and wanted to let you know that your neighborhood did in fact end up in the path of the tornado. Jean who lives near your former home, has had quite a loss to her home. Others, had roofs off or partially off, with windows out, etc. No lives loss in that neighborhood, except an older woman who lived on College Avenue. Her name was Edna and she was 83. Her death was due to being cut by window glass into her leg.

The eight teens are all being buried throughout the week, with AJ and Ryan’s service being shared. It is a difficult time for the community of Enterprise, but nothing like what you see each and every day. Their tornado lasted less than five minutes… your tornado is ongoing and appears in various forms.

We hold you and yours in our hearts each moment of every day.
God’s there, Ryan. Trust me, I know!

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