20 May 2009

Letters From Iraq, Part 16

Part 16 was written on 7/22/2007 --- Just heard from Ryan he has arrived on his R&R flight at Dallas. Next stop Fort Hood. He was met at the Dallas airport by my good friend, high school classmate and Norseman Rick N—-. Ryan sounded great but very tired. My understanding is that he left Kuwait flew to Scotland and then over Greenland and Canada to Dallas. I am most indebted to Rick for his kind welcome home for our son and for all he does for the returning troops as they arrive in Dallas. God Bless you Rick. Stay tuned.

The next day I received another e-mail from H—– and it had a picture of his son Ryan, with his former high school classmate Rick. I’m not comfortable showing pictures of others out of respect for their privacy, but I will share my impressions of it. Rick, a middle age man standing next to our soldier, Ryan. Ryan looks beat, but he’s still smiling for the camera. But what I found in the picture that was so inspiring was that as looked toward the bottom of the picture, you could see Ryan holding a cell phone in his left hand. And plain as day, in front of the cell phone, is his wedding ring. I bet you that was an awesome tear jerking phone call…

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