21 May 2009

Letters From Iraq, Part 14

The following was received 7/14/2007. I don’t know the “rules for an “R&R” for our enlisted people. I do remember my brother taking his in Australia, during the Vietnam War. But everyone I know or have read about seem to come “home” for theirs.

Hi Ryan,
How are things going pal?. Just wanted to send you a quick note. You will be coming home in a few days and we all can’t wait. Does your travel time to and from count in your R&R time? I think they generally allow extra time for travel or at least that is what it was like when I was in Nam. Heard today that the veterans of the USS South Dakota are disbanding their reunion organization. I guess most of them are getting to old and no one wants to take on the responsibility of putting on the reunions anymore. That is so sad. Let us know how things are going and be safe.
We love you pal
Jan and Dad
PS. I am sending Adam R—– a package on Monday. Never did hear back from your Chaplain.

I’m leaving tonight and should be home in 3-5 days. My travel time does not count towards my leave. That’s too bad about the USS South Dakota group. I guess all great things must come to an end someday. I talked to Chaplain Clark and he said that he got your book and the peanuts. He was very grateful. I also got a package from Mrs. H——-. Just let me know if that’s Jesse’s mom. I have to email her a thank you. I also got your package. Thanks for the grub and please let Steve know that the CD he sent me rocks and that I appreciate him taking the time to put that CD together. I also enjoyed the videos of Maddie and Grandma and Grandpa. I also got another package from America Support the Troops and they always send such great stuff. I’m pretty well stocked up, actually I have way to much stuff and I left their box in the Crew Chief office and they emptied the box within 1 hour. Alright, I’m packed up and ready to go. It’s time to reunite with my family who has sacrificed the most during this war. I’d really like to give my wife and kids each a medal. They are my heroes. So much to look forward to! I’ll call you when I get home.

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