22 May 2009

Just some musing...

Archie and Edith sung about Those Were The Days
then Bruce wailed about Glory Days
but for some… there will always be
A Yankton College Daze
ELM Dorm was the place to be
then it became Look and Durand
memories… we still can see
Dr. Perring had us scratching our heads
while we had parties to a piranha named… JJ
a guy named Tex who lived in Colorado
and what was Guam’s name anyway?
Beemer was a friend to everyone,
while L S Lee,
had his hot plate, dogs, and TV
Planted pot with a guy named Gary
he stole it all… at least someone was merry
LeGrange had his quiet way,
but camping when it was 10 below?
Cushman made our day…
even invited hitch-hikers to come and stay
whatever happened to them all?
Chicken Hawk, HaHa, SkyScraper,
G Lemon, the Fish, and we never found a nickname for Lenny
Partying the nights away listening to “Super Q”
then the more hip “Q FM”
we’ll never forget the DJ’s,
Timothy Maxwell, Arlo Maverick, Hamilton Pierce,
Shylock Stone, and J James Beam.
Hard to believe we’re closing in on 30 years,
was it live or was it Memorex?
So many memories…
And waaaaaay to many beers…

OH YEAH - I was reminded about Freddy Andres - he helped me and J.O.B. with my eagle! And the townies? Wayne, Mac, Dan, my other roommate Jim, and everyone’s favorite Kirby… oh and no stories but his wife Solveig?

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