22 May 2009

Experience, Strength, and Hope

It breaks my heart when I see someone struggle with sobriety and insanity. For awhile there is a fine line between the two. The alcoholic/addict knows things need to change but there is such a strong fear of this change. When I was partying everyone who didn’t follow my path was a “square.” The only way to live, at that time, was the insanity of partying. I could not imagine a life without alcohol or drugs.

It is my opinion that early in sobriety no one can help you. No one can save you. A week or two of sobriety does not make you well, it does not make you a better parent. I know it may sound harsh, but the reality is the best thing you can do for your family - is stay away from them.

I have a specific example in mind with this subject. Britney Spears. Who knows down the road, she may be a top-notch mom, but right now she is out of control. Her kids are young enough to not remember the damage she has created - if she stays away from them. Whether it is chemically induced insanity or a mental illness she needs help. And she will be useless to anybody else - until she gets the help she needs.
It might sound crazy, but it’s true. The best gift she can give her kids is isolation. Leave them alone. Get out of the spotlight and get your act together. A year from now, two years from now, when your properly medicated and sober, than reunite. They’re young enough to forgive and forget. They need a mom, they want a mom. But not the craziness that surrounds their life right now.

Good luck, in my thoughts and prayers…

This entry was originally posted on Saturday, January 5th, 2008

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