24 May 2009

Come on! What gives?

The last couple of weeks I have been receiving e-mails that aren’t quite right. How did this come about? Anyone who knows me… or e-mails me knows I’m just a “common joe.” Please don’t put me on some kind of pedestal. I’m not a god. I struggle to pay my bills, I enjoy the thrill with how the spiritual world pops up in my life at really odd times.

I love hearing from you. And you know I’m always going to answer back. Nothing that I ever wrote, in any book, or on any website - should give you the belief that “I’m different.” One person, in all sincerity, asked what he did to deserve a favor I did for him. Deserve? Come on, we should all know better. We deserve to be happy! We deserve to be honest with others and deserve that honesty back.

In all honesty, I have “met” some great people through e-mails. For one reason or another, some have left - thinking they deserved more. But for everyone that leaves a new one pops in. But don’t ever be in awe. I work like everyone else. I put my shoes on, one foot at a time.

I am secure in what I believe and what I know - but I am always open to new teachers. So the next time we talk - teach me - then we can learn and grow together.
So I guess what I’m saying is - you deserve what you get! If you made a life of giving to others, trying to help others - you deserve the giving and love someone gives you. No score keeping - no questions asked.

So the next time I give something - do what I do - thank my Higher Power and accept the gift, because… well… you deserve it!

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