05 May 2019

Strength Came From God Above

like it happened yesterday
the anxiety never seems to go away
every cough ... every pain ...
the worries can drive you insane

but early on I seen our love
and strength came from God above
by each others side we'll stay
a commitment we make every day

cancer tried to destroy you and me
but it back fired ...
instead it set us free
we became free to explore
and we were able to open
unimaginable doors

we looked fear in the eye
shedding tears we often cried
seen more then one doctor and nurse
and more then once
just wanted ... to scream and curse

cancer entered our life
but it's not who we are
we still dream and reach for the stars
cancer is with us every day
but it won't steal our goals
we refuse to give it the final say

we'll live for today and do our best
we see life is special
and we've been blessed
living for today
has granted us a tomorrow
we'll live life with joy ... not sorrow

yes cancer has affected you and me
but that's not what others will see
we'll continue to pray for a cure
but until that time
we'll live life
and close no doors

This poem is available on the Purple Power CD

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