03 May 2019

More Waiting

Another waiting room.
Thought I'd seen them all.
Large windows,
Distract the mind.
A pond with 100's of
Ducks and geese.
Bring comfort,
And a little peace.

Looking around,
The large, lonely room.
Seeing people, sit in corners.
Quiet, reading, or on phones,
Staying busy, waiting for news.
Which they hope - or hope not -
They will receive.

Tranquility reappears,
As I gaze upon the pond.
A dozen ducks,
Walk on the shore.
Others, resting on grass.
Some venture out, on the thin ice.
While, other little clans,
Swim in the frigid water.

Reality returns, as I remember,
Where I am at, why I am here.
Only 20 minutes have past.
Once again, I survey the room.
Not much has changed.
A few new faces,
A few have left.

Rub my eyes,
Silent prayers begin.
"Please let this work.
Let her live the way, You intended.
Happy and pain-free.
Somehow, let it happen,
For the both of us."

I wish her pain would leave.
Stress would be less,
Then maybe...
We could start again.
The doctor appears,
"Surgery went well.
We'll just have to wait and see,
How much pain she'll be in."

An hour later, we head home.
Together - not alone.
We'll find out in a day or two,
If the pain has lessened.
Pray for the best.
Sadly, expect the worst.
I feel my days, under the sun,
Sitting in waiting rooms,
Is far from done.

Support and love, is no less.
With doctors and nurses,
We are truly blessed.

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