20 November 2018

What Is Truth?

The 10th promise of Debtors Anonymous says that we will no longer fear the truth; we will move from hiding in denial to living in reality.

What Is Truth?

Truth? The truth is I’m OK
My tummy is full
The heat is on and a hot bath awaits
But what if things aren’t as they appear?
Blasphemy! I’m OK

What if the mail hasn’t been open in months?
What if the credit cards are maxed?
What if I’m broke the day I’m paid?
What if the tummy, the heat, the bath is a lie?
What if I’m not OK?

So much fear to look at reality
Rather live in denial
It’s a truth I can live with
No need to bury my head
The illusion keeps me content

Over time denial is harder to obtain
Reality won’t let go
It won’t let me sleep
The phone is ringing
Collectors at the door

With a deep breath and full of fear
Step foot into a future based on reality
A reality that says I’m not OK
I’m broke and scared
And I want security

I want I real home
I want a real life
Not based on shows or illusions
Rather based on comfort and freedom
Starting with freedom from debt

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