11 June 2017

Tears of Failure... Tears of Success

The first promise of debtors anonymous states that where we once felt despair, we will experience a new found hope.

Tears of Failure… Tears of Success

there is no end in sight
a life of debt I don’t want to fight
no loans available for me
a future I can not see

can’t answer the phone
hide in the dark… all alone
no longer open the mail
this life I have failed

no credit left… no cash in hand
soon be homeless… living off the land
everyday full of fear… just want to cry
at times… wish God would let me die

wasn’t long ago I lived that life of fear
I really thought it would be a lifelong career
credit was maxed then came the crash
I had to learn to live strictly with cash

little goals made and a budget was set
in time… these little goals were met
this new life offered me some pride
no longer did I run and hide

living a life of being debt free
the future is bright… just look and see
plans to travel and do lots more
cash in hand… off to the store

no longer an illusion or a fantasy
yes… I can live debt free
to have control of money in hand
instead of it slipping through it like sand

working for money is no way to be free
money working for me is the goal to see

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