16 June 2016

Nature... Our First Love

My first spring in England is starting to come to life. I haven’t been disappointed with the colors, the wildlife, the water, and the temperatures. You still need some heavy blankets at Nighttime as it does get down to freezing. While the days seem quite warm even though it is only about 15 degrees or about 60 Fahrenheit. Along with the way nature has evolved, I also learned a bit of history and the way some trees and bushes are forced to becoming living fences. When a tree is young, it is sliced and part is laid down. It is still attached to the root but now that it is sliced it can only grow along the earth. The branches are weaved together and a beautiful living fence is created. Also watching boats travel on the canals. Very long boats that are very thin. They are homes on the water for many people. The amazing part is watching them enter a lock. Opening one end, the lock fills with water and the boat enters. That end is then closed and the other end is opened. Now the water and the boat leave the lock. Engineering that has kept the canals functional for over a century. I’m already seeing that once the trees turn green it will be very similar to spring in New Jersey… The name of the poem is “Nature Our First Love.” And the music? My creation, entitled “The Morning Dew”

Nature Our First Love

Thinner then a blade of grass
larger then the universe
brighter then any Sunny day
darker then the dead of night

laying in a carpet of green grass
a television of blue skies
sprinkled with white clouds
slowly dancing across the screen

being a part of it all
yet… still on the outside looking in
so peaceful… so serene
so grateful to be part of it all

attention drifts to two geese flying overhead
floating in and out of the clouds
ducks sleep near the water
in another field baby lambs
romp freely on a hillside
mom holds her child’s hand taking it all in

Hawthorne’s make a living fence
to keep things in and to keep others out
a boat… long and thin
cruises along

it enters a lock, floating on top
then down low it goes,
at the bottom the lock opens
new water waiting for a new boat

modern cruising… in an old fashioned way
a walk back in time…
an experience that never grows old

all nature… all gifts from the Creator
given freely for all to experience

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