14 November 2015

Watching Eyes

The same eyes we see with...
are the same eyes that see us...


In the darkness, under the blankets
my mind began to slowly drift away
I saw eyes, beautiful eyes
full of life… and love
it didn’t matter…
if it was his eyes or her eyes
there was comfort and warmth
and most of all… understanding
no words were spoken
just staring… couldn’t look away
didn’t want to…
what beautiful eyes

they touched my soul and I found
the beauty of this world
at ease… I felt my worries melt away
the eyes continued to look at me
they spoke, “now you understand”
I began to sing and dance
and I prayed I wouldn’t wake up

the eyes spoke some more
“it doesn’t matter your wealth… your equal,
don’t fight because of your skin color
your blood is the same”
I didn’t say a word… but the eyes understood
wishes filled my soul
to be partners… to stay together
the eyes smiled and I knew
we were already… one

when I awoke… I felt refreshed and alive
and though I realized it was a dream
it was… more then a dream
it was warmth and comfort
love and peace and hope
I knew the eyes watching me
were the same eyes watching you

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