14 November 2015

Sweet Dreams (The Sequel)

What do you do on a cold winter day with not much to occupy your mind?  You play with your "boys." For me, that meant playing with my cat, Horus and my dog, Tango. This was my creation - a bunk bed set for them.
Amazingly, they both seemed to enjoy it!  But then again, they can sleep anywhere - at any time. The next step
was to write a poem and share it with you. 

though different in so many ways
we're brothers… yes brothers
we play all day long
and occasionally fight

yeah we’re brothers
big boys… who have beds
of their very own
yet the room we share

no argument over…
who slept where
no need to argue
we were to tired from playing

daddy made the beds
mommy gave us fresh blankets
we’ve got them trained so well
in our comfy home

yeah we’re brothers
we share our food
and our drinks
sweet dreams bro

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