09 November 2015


An innocent situation where someone sees something quite unexpectedly and not a word is said. But it's always remembered that "she saw" and then you wonder what exactly did "she see?"

 hello... was all you could say
standing before you... in shock
you didn't laugh... scream
or even look away
you just stared

frozen in place... unable to move
no need to hide... she saw
finally reality set in
the need to exit... became obvious
and she saw more

embarrassed... he wondered
what she thought
but no words were spoken
not then... not ever
and he felt betrayed

she saw... and he wondered
when he would see
a game of cat and mouse
and the cat became frustrated
by the constant teasing

she laughed at his inadequacies
until finally... on his knees
he begged... please let me see
she had the power... the control
all because... she saw

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