02 November 2015

I Was Told

I must walk in darkness to find light and walk into fear to find peace." This came from the book Daily Reflections for May 1st. I'd like to add to it - you must lose it to find It.

To me the "it" is everything in recovery. It is our Higher Power, It is our serenity and peace. I had to lose everything I thought was of value to me to find It.

And along the way to losing these thoughts I began to leave the darkness and I found the Light. And when I found the Light, fear quickly left and was replaced with peace.

Peace and Light... I had found It.

The IT is my Higher Power, whom I chose to call Love..

I was told I first had to lose it
before I could find it
I lost my house,
numerous possessions,
the cat, dog, and my family

With all I lost
I found – Love
the Love of God
the Love of fellowship
and a new Love for friends

I was told I had...
to walk into the darkness
to find the Light
the darkness of anger and hate
a darkness I created
the deeper I walked into it
the less I was overwhelmed

Then I found the Light
I began to understand
if I just follow...
all will be well

I was told to walk into fear
it was there... that I would find peace
this I didn't want to do
fear made me human...
vulnerability tore down my walls
no longer could I play god

It was then that I found peace
and I found more Love
I found the Love of God
the Love in me... and the Love in others

It was true ...
I lost it... but I found it
through the darkness... I found light
and peace chased fear away

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