26 November 2015

Can You See?

Not with your eyes,
But with your soul,
Can you see?

The insecure child,
Hiding, hoping, praying,
Can you see?

Looking for truth and honesty,
Tired of the games,
Can you see?

Bruised and battered,
Wanting you, to go away,
Praying - that you'll stay,
Can you see?

Always remembering the past,
You won't let it go away,
Treat it - like today,
Can you see?

A confused little boy,
Now a grown man,
Scared and in misery,
Can you see?

A life, lived on the edge,
Remorse and regret, things that were done,
Times, they are changing,
Can you see?

Tired of being neglected,
Always being ignored.
Just memories are left,
Some good....
Some sad.....
Please, bury the past.
Time... to move on...
Can you see?

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