25 November 2015

Broad Shoulders

In 2000, my ex-wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Four surgeries, chemo, radiation, a short death, I witnessed it all, including her "rebirth." People around me, didn't want to deal with it. "You can handle it. You're strong, you have broad shoulders." Just once I wished, someone would have taken the time to just listen, to my fears..

Atlas has been holding,
The earth for eons.
Gods of Olympus,
Gave him his eternal prison.
But Zeus, in all his wisdom,
Did he ever wonder,
If you'd quit,
Or give into depression?

Would everyone think of you less,
If you gave into the stress?
Would they understand,
If you missed work for a day?
Or would there be a price to pay?

Everyone knows your big and strong.
Your shoulders broad.
But no one sees, deep inside,
The frightened little boy,
Wanting to runaway and hide.

But everyday, you hang on,
With shoulders, broad and strong!
We have to wonder, for how long,
You'll be responsible,
And spiritually strong.
From now on, I promise,
Not to take you for granted.
To listen - try to understand,
Just who you are,
As a man.

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