14 September 2015

From Fears... To Tears

A year ago, September 15th, I was in fear... today I'm filled with tears. Tears of joy, tears of gratitude, tears for a new life.

A year ago, my chest was split open and I lived through a ventilator. For five hours my heart was fixed, repaired, and parts replaced. An ascending aortic aneurism was repaired and placed inside a fabric type mesh. A hole in my heart was fixed and my aortic valve was removed and an artificial metallic one took its place.

A year ago, I wondered what kind of future I would have. Today, I look at the future as a gift... as a second chance to live life.

A year ago, I wondered if I had any friends. Today, I see how many people God has given me exactly when I needed them.

A year ago, I cherished phone calls from my girlfriend in England. Today, that lady is my wife. And the journey across the ocean, now looks like a hop and skip over a puddle...

The future will always have some uncertainties, yet with the eyes of a child I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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